How to Integrate Webinar Jam with ClickFunnels

Great quick video about integrating Webinar Jams with ClickFunnels.



How to Beat Your Competition by Bedros Keuilian

How to Beat Your Competition by

Bedros Keuilian

I love Bedros’s videos so much. He was my first intro into sales funnels.  He is a great marketer and motivational speaker.

In this video his speaks about the value of having a coach even if your at the top. In this video he talks about how to create your attractive character so that you can get people to know, love, and trust you so that they will buy anything from you.  He talks about how through proving value and showing all the facets of your life you can develop a tribe.

He also talks about his new WORLD FAMOUS

5-4-3-2-1 FORMULA

5 – Post a week on each of your social media accounts.  Post about “what in it’s for me”.

4 – Videos a week.

3 – Emails a week

2 – Text Messages a week

1 – Promotional Offer a week.

“You only have the right to get them to give you money once you come with a over abundance of the giving hand. 5 post a week of VALUE.” (Bedrous Keuilian)

Give value and it will come back to you!

Turn Pro only make offers on email and Facebook. Everything else is about building your attractive character (if you don’t know about the attractive character. Find out about it in Russell Brunson’s Book, DotCom Secrets. Its Free you just cover the shipping and handling)

If you liked this, check out another one of my favorites, about how to G.S.D. or Get Shit Done. So good, very powerful. Don’t miss out on this one. This video may be the epiphany you need to break through all your limiting self doubt you have and finally accomplish your dreams. It’s only 8 minutes and 14 seconds, so turn off Facebook and even your phone. Spend the next 8 minutes and 14 seconds learning how to G.S.D.  You got this, it’s time to GET SHIT DONE!

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How To Sell Information Products Online by Bedros Keuilian

How To Sell Information Products Online by Bedros Keuilian

This is a great video by Bedros Keuilian about how to sell an information product online.  It is very informative and discusses how to properly put upsells in place. A well as the difference between your front end and back end products.

Marketing In Your Car By Russell Brunson

This week on Marketing In Your Car, Russell Brunson talks about his struggles with being in the moment, watching his kids, Tony Robbin’s Theory about Masculine / Feminine Problems and their energy types, spending time with the family, and finishing up his new book Expert Secrets (get the first 4 Chapters FREE).

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How To Start Your Own Business And Win Your DREAM CAR all in the same time.

Are you an entrepreneur, inventor, great salesperson, or just highly motivated to make money? If any of these apply to you, then this the opportunity that you have been waiting for.  Start your very own business and get your DREAM car all at the same time.  You will finally be able to set your work schedule, work from anywhere in the world, get your dream car, and fire your BOSS! This is your chance at financial freedom.


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7 Email Secrets To Convert Browsers Into Buyers

This incredible podcast I found today, Click Funnels #funnelhacker RADIO.  The tips and tricks that MaryEllen Tribby goes over are great, as well as the struggles and strife she has overcame. She also talks about the creation of CEO’s Edge and Working Moms Only!  She also discusses Email Marketing and how to have GREAT COPY!


Check out the podcast


MaryEllen Tribby was the CEO at Early to Rise and Weiss Research, adding millions to their bottom lines. She details her ultimate strategy for moving people from Free to Fee. She helped build Agoura publishing into a Billion dollar company using this strategy. She also details how to use email marketing – even in the age of social media – to get more clients and more customers.








Marketing In Your Car By Russell Brunson

This is a great podcast by Russell Brunson

This podcast he goes over the different types of traffic and how to approach them.

He also discusses his Inner Circle For Life Group

The great thing about a podcast like Russell’s is that you don’t have to spend 12 years of your life studying funnels and marketing because Russell just lays it all out for you and has already done it.

I highly recommend this podcast to anyone that is marketing online.